Welcome to Connected Health

Orgenics Ltd, also known as Alere Connected Health is part of Alere Inc., USA.

At Alere, our mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health under the supervision of their healthcare providers. We bring this vision to life by developing smart products that address broad, unmet needs and extend diagnosis from the lab, doctor’s office, and hospital to people’s homes.

We also build educational health management solutions around these products, which make it easier than ever to personalize care. Our programs connect patients to information that yields diagnostic results, and our smart platforms give healthcare providers seamless and instant access to these results, supplying them with the information they need to make the best decisions.

We believe that, when people are involved in their own care, they benefit from an improved quality of life. Our products and services lead to better health, less urgent medical interventions, fewer hospital visits, and reduced healthcare costs.

Smart….. Connected….Empowering

Smart - Alere products and solutions are changing how healthcare is delivered, extending diagnosis and health management from the lab, doctor’s office and hospital into people’s homes. The result: improved outcomes and management models that are both more effective and more efficient.

Connected - Alere actively integrates diagnostic tools with education and health management, making it easier than ever to personalize care. Alere is connecting patients to information, information to diagnostic results and diagnostic results to healthcare providers so they can have the information needed to make the best decisions.

- Alere products and solutions give providers, physicians and patient's access to the right information at the right time. That means doctors no longer have to wait for results to provide seamless, continuous care, and individuals have the tools and knowledge to play a more active role in their own health management.


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